Professor Tawana Kupe
Acting Vice-Chancellor
Professor Tawana Kupe, Acting Vice-Chancellor, University of the Witwatersrand

Professor Tawana Kupe, Acting Vice-Chancellor, University of the Witwatersrand

09:00 - 10:00 AM

Molly Andrews
Professor of Political Psychology

The Narrative Architecture of Political Forgiveness. Chair: Bhekizizwe Peterson

10.00 – 11.00 AM

Chair: Sibulelo Qhogwana

Discussant: Hugo Canham

Dina Ligaga: Un/reading the trafficked body: Vulnerability in Sanusi’s Eyo

Sharlene Khan: Vital Statistics of a Citizen

10.00 – 11.00 AM

Chair: Dominica Dipio

Discussant: Cynthia Kros

Nereida Ripero-Muñiz : A Dialogical Approach to Narrative: The Case of Somali Migrant Women in Nairobi and Johannesburg.

Arita Balaram: Narrations of Identity Among Indo-Caribbean Youth in the
U.S.: Navigating Discourses of Belonging and Legacies of Indentureship


Grace Musila: Comic calibrations of violence in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.
Danai Mupotsa: Feeling and Ugly
Lynda Gichanda Spencer: The Vulnerable Subjectivities.

Migration & hybridities

Maureen Amimo: Re-thinking Travel in Binyavanga Wainaina’s “Discovering
Home” Through Portraiture.
Brittani Smit: Intergenerational Transmission of Colorist Ideology in
Contemporary Jamaican Fiction.
Grace Whistler: ‘What-it’s-like’ for The Other: Fragmented Narrative and
Identity in Meursault, Contre-Enquête.

13:00 AM - 14:00 PM

Grandparents’ Narratives

Chair: Bhekizizwe Peterson
Open Discussion
Hugo Canham, El Kotze, Nkululeko Nkomo, Sibusiso Nkomo:
Triggering Objects: Narrating grandparents through the Affective Object
Hugo Canham, Edzani Dongola, Sanele Ntshingana, Simone Peters:Methodological reflections: the NEST Grandparents Project

Narratives of Language Identities

Chair: Jill Bradbury
Discussant: Desmond Painter
Hannah Botsis: Desire and Derision: the role of English in narratives of multilingual South African students
Ivan Katsere & Jill Bradbury: A Colonial Lingua Franca is not enough: narratives of Zimbabwean families in Johannesburg.
Ntebaleng Makgalemele & Jill Bradbury: The linguistic capital gains of English: childhood narratives of loss
Bonolo Letshufi: “Coconuts?”: Narrative identities of Black English-speaking

Grandparents’ Narratives

Discussant: Jill Bradbury
Ayanda Mahlaba: To the Black Women We All Know Who Didn’t Die:
Ordinary Black Women as Narrators of History

Narratives of Language Identities

Chair: Mapule Moroke
Discussant: Roshini Pillay
Marie Minaar-McDonald: Rethinking Social Work Policy through transformative practices

Discussant: Bhekizizwe Peterson
Fouad Asfour: Border thinking as positionality. Psychic restlessness as
theory inbetween

Chair: Jill Bradbury

Hannah Botsis (2018) : Subjectivity, Language and the Postcolonial: Beyond Bourdieu in South Africa. London: Routledge.
Discussant: Desmond Painter

Nereida Ripero- Muñiz (2017) : Metropolitan Nomads: a Journey through Joburg’s Little Mogadishu. Johannesburg: The MoVE Project, African Centre for Migration & Society, University of the Witwatersrand.
Discussant: Jo Veary

Sharlene Khan (2018) : I Make Art. A project supported by the National Arts Council of South Africa.
Discussant: Danai Mupotsa

Finger supper

Panel conversation with Dada Masilo: Jill Bradbury & Lindelwa Dalamba

Professor Tawana Kupe
Acting Vice-Chancellor

Foretelling our futures: silences and restoring our stories
Chair: Jill Bradbury

Health Narratives

Chair: Simangele Mayisela
Discussant: Nkululeko Nkomo

Claire Penn & Victoria Hume: The story of
Blood Sugars: the Transformative potential of performed narrative

Victoria Hume: Understanding Delirium through music: violence, loss and

Narratives of (Dis)ability

Chair: Grace Musila
Discussant: Ruby Patel

Micheko Kaneko & Ruth Morgan: Construction of deaf Identity
though narratives in South African Sign Language (SASL)

Hape Peshoane: Speaking from the Margins: A Narrative study of
the experiences of Sexuality of Albino Women in Lesotho

Chair: Sibulelo Qhogwana

Discussant: Hugo Canham

Dina Ligaga: Un/reading the trafficked body: Vulnerability in Sanusi’s Eyo

Sharlene Khan: Vital Statistics of a Citizen

Health Narratives

Aderet Segev & Claire Penn: “The university is a foreign land”: the lived
experience of South African students who stutter
Joanne Neille: Disability and the South African Constitution: a Narrative
enquiry into the ways in which constitutional discourses are used to make
sense of lived experience by disabled adults in rural South Africa.

Melissa Phillips and Claire Penn: Narrative Mechanisms of Identity
Renegotiation poststroke.

Intergenerational Memory

Chair: Sope Maithufi
Discussant: Moshibudi Motimele

Femi Eromosele: Madness, Psychiatry, and the Places in between
in Selected African Fiction

Njabulo Zwane: On Brothers, Kings and Alternative Post-apartheid

Loren Cahill: Black Radical Imagination: An Intergenerational Oral
History Project

12.30 AM – 13.30 PM

Visual Narratives

Chair: Cynthia Kros
Discussant: Sharlene Khan

Victoria Appelbaum: Narrating Existence and Resistance: an object
biography of Peter Clarke’s The Trojan Horse

Beverley Barry: Telling stories of rock art to imagine a ‘future horizon’

Kurt Campbell: Night Writing: The Textual Ideation of Andrew Jeptha

Sope Maithufi: The creative impulse in Pitika Ntuli’s art

Intergenerational Memory

Chair: Lindelwa Dalamba
Discussant: Grace Musila

Mapule Mohulatsi: Locating the ‘We’ in Koleka Putuma’s Collective Amnesia

Addamms Mutata: Battered Bodies: Characterizing Apartheid Past and Present in Tsotsi

Manosa Nthunya: Entangled Narratives: The Use of Intertextuality in Zoe Wicomb’s novel, October.

Jacqueline Ojiambo: Oral Traditions in Wanjiru Kinyanjui’s The Battle of The Sacred Tree !

Adebayo Sakiru: An Inheritance of Loss: Half of a Yellow Sun as a Postmemorial Project

Lindelwa Dalamba (musicologist), Andre Petersen on piano, Chantal Willie-Petersen on double-bass and voice, Dylan Valley (Filmmaker).

Ethiopian Dinner

Lyric, Pause, Turn: How Radical Texts Narrate
Chair: Bhekizizwe Peterson

Gendered Narratives

Chair: Grace Musila
Discussant: Dina Ligaga

Dominica Dipio: African Motherhood Proverbs and Worldview: A Matriarchal Perspective

Amon Mwiine: “For us, our strategy worked very well... It was like, let the men sponsor the bills and women second”: Women’s accounts on selecting male promoters of gender sensitive legislation in Uganda.

Gendered Narratives

Chair:</b< Hugo Canham
Discussant: Lynda Spencer

Sibulelo Qhogwana: Narratives of the marginalized:
Deconstructing single stories on women classified as
maximum offenders

Sihle Motsa: It is Your Story, Just Not Your Story to Tell - Prioritising Third person Narratives.

Chair: Sibulelo Qhogwana

Discussant: Hugo Canham

Dina Ligaga: Un/reading the trafficked body: Vulnerability in Sanusi’s Eyo

Sharlene Khan: Vital Statistics of a Citizen

Narratives for Healing

Chair: Sabrina Liccardo
Discussant: Danai Mupotsa

Natalia Molebatsi: The healing perspectives of a Black woman Poet in South Africa.

Latoya Williams: Narratives that Heal: Black bodies, black voices,

Tiffany Willoughby-Herard: The Secret Eye: Black women in politics and

Subjective Dynamics


Jill Bradbury

Discussant: Bhekizizwe Peterson

Deirdre Byrne: Introduction to ZAPP’s Indigenous Knowledge Systems Research.

Louis Botha: Some Background and conceptualisations of indigenous knowledges

Raphael d’Abdon: What is the meaning of “indigenous poetry” in South Africa?
Phillippa Yaa de Villiers: Poetic interlude

Duduzile Ndlovu: The indigenous transmission of memory: A case study of Ithemba lamaNguni in Johannesburg.

12.30 AM – 13.30 PM

Queer Cartographies

Chair: Jill Bradbury
Discussant: Eddie Ombagi

Chinyere Okafor: Embodied Marginality:Transnational Interviews on
Sexuality, Homeplace and Activism in Trinidad

Ruth Ramsden-Karlse: Registering Queerness: The ‘Moffies’ in Rive,
La Guma and Maart’s District Six

Narrative Pedagogies & Practices

Chair: Sharlene Khan
Discussant: Peace Kiguwa

Alice Claerfelt & Daryl Braam: Exploring the co-construction
of social identities with Eastern Cape youth: Critical pedagogy, agency and social change.

Liezl Dick & Marguerita Muller: Expression of self: Using a visual narrative to explore the experiences of Educators working towards social transformation

Renée Lesley Koch & David Andrew: Learners’ self-
signified narratives of decision making: opportunities for transformation in arts education

Roshini Pillay: Participatory learning and action techniques
used by social work student to tell their life stories

Sabrina Liccardo: Theorising a narrative complex system of
human being, becoming and belonging

Medicalised bodies: children’s narratives

Chair: Anwynne Kern
Discussant: Joanne Nellie

Dorcas Malahlela: “Boy Interrupted”: Narrative interruptions in a 17-year-
old’s experience of leukaemia.

Linda Moss: Being the label, losing one’s self: Adolescents narratives of
the experiences of ADHD