Molly Andrews

Molly Andrews is Professor of Political Psychology, and Co-director of the Centre for Narrative Research at the University of East London. Her research interests include political narratives, the psychological basis of political commitment, political identity, patriotism, and aging.

She is currently working on a project called “The Unbuilding of East Germany: Excavating Biography and History.”  Her books include: Lifetimes of Commitment: Aging, Politics, Psychology (Cambridge University Press, 1991); Shaping History: Narratives of Political Change (Cambridge University Press, 2007), and Narrative Imagination and Everyday Life (Oxford University Press 2014).  She is co-editor (with Corrine Squire and Maria Tamboukou) of the seminal narrative methodology text, Doing Narrative Research, (SAGE, 2013).   Her publications have appeared in five languages.